Photo Renderings – Tata Nano Speedster and Nano City Van envisioned by designer

Tata Nano City Van - FrontView

Tata Nano City Van – FrontView

Tata motors has made continuos efforts in order to put Tata Nano into decent sales in the Indian market which was initially launched in 2009. Nano’s total sales since, has been at 229,157 units. The year 2013 has proved to be worst than ever for Nano as sales are at just 4,516 units in the first three months.

Tata manufactures Nano at Sanand plant which has a capacity to manufacture 250,000 units annually, but due to low demand, its production is down to just 10%. At your visit to Sanand now, can see numerous Nano’s parked. So, what really happened? Why did Nano, the almost perfect small car, failed to make a mark on the sales charts?

The problem is with the marketing strategy used by Tata Motors. They promoted Nano as a car for those who can easily upgrade from two wheelers. But then, the two wheelers did not want to upgrade to Nano, as it was not considered as a car, it was considered something in between a car and a motorcycle. Cars is not only a mode of transport, but it also defines your status in the society, in India. So promoting the Nano as the world’s cheapest car, also backfired.

Moreover, even after introducing new features, minor facelifts, rural sales, exciting finance schemes there was no rise of sales in the Indian market. Tata motors even tried to come-up with roofless version, Pixel, MegaPixel and Nano EV which was found testing in Tata’s Sadanand factory neither of which could even reach production.

Tata Nano City Van - RearView

Tata Nano City Van – RearView

After such a failure, a very talented artist Matthew Swann basically from UK has come-up with two interesting renderings i,e Tata Nano Speedster & Tata Nano City Van. The Nano Speedster would have a glimpse of Nissan Leaf’s front fascia along with the touch of Peugeot RCZ body which would be a two-seater provided with soft-top folding roof with its engine expected not to be in the rear.

Matthew has also rendered Tata Nana City Van which would be used for commercial purpose based on Nano platform. According to his design there is a lack of rear window which would make it ideal for commercial purposes such as restaurants, supermarkets etc…
Check out the pictures of Tata Nano Speedster and Nano City Van, below the jump.


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Pictures of Tata Nano Speedster –

Tata Nano Speedster - 001     Tata Nano Speedster - 002     Tata Nano Speedster - 003     Tata Nano Speedster - 004


Pictures of Tata Nano City Van –

Tata Nano City Van - 001     Tata Nano City Van - 002     Tata Nano City Van - 003     Tata Nano City Van - 004


Image Credit – Matthew Swann