Royal Enfield confirms higher-powered motorcycle, 1 new model per year till 2018

Royal Enfield promises to launch a new model every year to widen their product range, and appeal to a larger group of people. The report says that the new bikes will come in capacities ranging from 250cc to 750cc segment, which reveals one of them will be a highest powered motorcycle in Royal Enfield lineup, while the other will be the lowest powered one.

royal-enfield-new-product-every-year-till-2018This picture is used for representation purpose only.

With the recent investment of Rs. 500 crore, Royal Enfield is planning to increase the production output of their sole factory in Chennai from 30,000 units per year to 50,000 units by the beginning of 2016. A very big chunk of investment is also going towards their new product development, R&D centre and some other departments.

The company also states that they are investing on a technical centre inside city limits so that their engineers don’t have to travel very far. Currently, Royal Enfield range includes Bullet 350, Bullet 500, Bullet Electra, Classic 350, Classic 500, Classic Chrome, Classic Battle Green, Classic Desert Storm, Thunderbird 350, Thunderbird 500 and the Continental GT.

The 410cc Himalayan is expected to unveil during the Rider Mania 2015, while the official launch will take place sometime in early-2016. But the twin-cylinder Royal Enfield still seems to be some time away.

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  • Srikanth Gubbala

    Please ask them to increase the no.of service centers in bangalore.. Bikes are increasing but service centers and the technicans skill set is not great… So painful if we get your bike repaired

  • Service set-up at the dealer’s end is not satisfactory not only in Bangalore, but across India. Most of the dealers are interested only in selling the bike. They take no interest in after saves service. Mechanics are not communicative. Service advisor is almost no use. The company is aware of this issues but are help-less at the moment because the technical problems arise as they don’t have the scale to invest in high-end tooling. In manual assembly, there can be inconsistencies in quality. These issues are likely to be resolved with a new factory, while an expanding dealer network equipped with repair docks could make Enfield owners happier.

  • Srikanth Gubbala

    as an indian we used to these conditions.. ADJUSTMENT … people should be lucky enough to get a good a bike.. To buy enfield along with passion one requires lots of luck to be happy while maintaining … Thx 4 d reply

  • Well said bro. My pleasure.

  • neminath

    its true