Nokia C7 controls a BMW !

Nokia C7 controls a BMW

Nokia Asia with these two brilliant guys, An Jiaxuan with his friend, developed the Nokia C7 to remotely pilot a BMW car.

First, they created the software and code it for 20days. After that they separately test the controls for 7 subjects from dolls and toys to digital devices like air-conditioning unit. So probably some people would find it useful from this point but they actually want bigger use for it and that’s controlling your BMW car in order to prank a traffic enforcer.

After they were done of heavy coding and testing, then they moved to the real part, the setting up of the BMW systems with the Nokia C7.  After they succeeded they test and successfully control the BMW car! So mainly, the control is on your Nokia C7 and they used their developed software for that. For control, you can actually steer the wheels or use other manoeuvres that you like.

They’re really brilliant guys and their next plan is to control an air plane, but we will see that on future.

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