Nissan version of Duster is on the way!

Nissan version of Duster

We have already seen Renault Pulse and Renault Scala based on Nissan Micra and Nissan Sunny, now it’s time for Nissan to rebadged the recently launched Duster SUV. Like the above mentioned models, we can only expect some cosmetic changes to give it a Nissan identity and a new name. Now the company has already started working on it and it will be launched in 2013.

However, these changes are likely to be minor, limited only to parts such as the bumper and grille. Everything else including the running gear, engines and the dashboard are expected to carry unaltered. Like other Nissan vehicles, we can expect it to be priced slightly less when compared to the Renault Duster and also it may come with slightly altered equipment levels on comparable variants.

As per the reports, the Franco-Japanese alliance is also scheduling to expand its production capacity, which will be done by establishing new facility in different state then Tamil Nadu, and Gujarat might be an option. Presently the Chennai plant has 4 lakh vehicles capacity and the alliance is expected to double this figure by year 2016.


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