Nissan to relaunch Datsun brand by 2014 in emerging markets

Datsun Japanese automaker, Nissan plans to resurrect its old Datsun brand in some emerging markets to sell low-cost cars, according to new reports from Japan. The vehicles will be sold in Russia, India and Indonesia and will be priced around $6,200 (Rs.3,07,396 Approx.).

The report said that Nissan plans on selling 300,000 units year after the brand re-launches in 2014.

While Toyota and Honda have both developed new models for emerging markets, this will be the first time a separate brand is launched just for our markets.


RefresherDatson was a car brand started by the DAT Motorcar Co in 1931. Nissan took control of the company later and renamed it to Datsun (From Datson) as son means loss in Japanese and sun is depicted in the Japanese national flag. Nissan phased out the Datsun brand in 1986 and merged it with itself. One of the famous Datsun vehicles that were popular in the 1980s is the Fairlady. Ironically Nissan used the Nissan name in US for its trucks and the Datsun name for cars for a long time. Finally the Datsun name was discontinued to strengthen the Nissan name. This was part of the Japanese automaker’s global strategy.


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