Nissan Smart Rearview Mirror receives 2014 Traffic Safety Achievement Award

Nissan will be introducing its Smart Rearview Mirror in Japan later this year though they have showcased it in the North American market last week. However, it is already gaining recognition as an amazing tool for traffic safety and is being anticipated to have positive effect on roadways. The World Traffic Safety Symposium, being held at the New York International Auto Show, awarded a 2014 Traffic Safety Achievement Award to the Nissan Smart Rearview Mirror. The Symposium is held annually to recognize and award various organizations as well as individual who help in creating a better and safer environment for riders and pedestrians.

nissan-smart-rearview-mirrorNissan’s Smart Rearview Mirror

The Smart Rearview Mirror by Nissan features world’s first LCD monitor that provides awesomely clear rearward visibility under all conditions. It also enables the driver to switch between the LCD monitor and the conventional rearview mirror as per their suitability. This product is being regarded as the cutting edge and lifesaving safety feature available in an automotive. According to the Vice President of Product Planning, Nissan North America, Inc., Pierre Loing, Nissan has always considered safety features as their top priority. By devising such a good safety product, the automaker is hoping to make roads safer with ancillary advantages.

The rearward visibility of the traditional rearview mirrors tend to get obstructed when the luggage is stacked high or a tall person is sitting on the rear seats, etc. However, with this new device and its rear mounted high resolution camera, the driver’s visibility will stay free of such barriers. The visibility is also enhanced by the image processing system of the monitor that helps in producing the images with negligible glare which is very useful when the vehicle is being followed by another one with strong headlights. Nissan is expected to bring the Smart Rearview Mirror in the global market sometime soon after its launch in Japanese market.


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