Nissan develops world’s first car that can clean itself!

Subaru did this as an April Fools’ gag last year, but now its reality. Nissan has developed a prototype Note that, in a manner of speaking, can clean itself. Currently, Nissan is testing on innovative paint technology that repels mud, rain and everyday dirt. This will in fact make your car cleaning task much easier.

nissan-develops-worlds-first-car-cleans-itselfNissan develops World’s First Self-cleaning Car

The specially engineered super-hydrophobic and oleophobic paint, which repels water and oils, has been applied to the all-new European market Nissan Note to create the world’s first self-cleaning car.

To assess the real-world effectiveness of the super-hydrophobic as a potential aftermarket application, engineers at Nissan Technical Centre Europe will be testing the self-cleaning Note over the coming months in a variety of conditions. Nissan is the first carmaker to apply the technology, called Ultra-Ever Dry, on automotive bodywork. By creating a protective layer of air between the paint and environment, it effectively stops standing water and road spray from creating dirty marks on the car’s surface.

“The Nissan Note has been carefully engineered to take the stress out of customer driving, and Nissan’s engineers are constantly thinking of new ways to make families’ lives easier,” said Geraldine Ingham, Chief Marketing Manager for Nissan Note.

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