Next-gen Audi Q7 to go on radical diet, lose 350 kg

2012 Audi Q7 TDi

Weight reduction is always a hot topic in the automotive world, and this time, Audi is asking for your attention. Peter Schwarzenbauer, Audi’s global marketing chief, has recently revealed that the brand is making sure that all of its upcoming generations will be lighter than the last.

Providing a clearer picture of what Audi has in mind, Schwarzenbauer uses the Q7 as an example. The current Q7 TDI weighs 2585 kg, while the next generation is going to be 2235 kg, which totals 350 kg lost and an overall reduction of 14%.

Audi is taking a look at its own history to find places to improve, such as the 20% aluminum bodies of the A6 and A7 that will now be used as a model for the Q7. With increasingly difficult fuel standards to meet, the automaker is willing to take on a project like this that is somewhat costly to hit its goal.

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