New Motor Bill proposes strict actions against offenders

road-safety-and-transport-bill-2014With the rapid increase of the number of vehicles in the Indian roads, the number of road accidents is also increasing simultaneously. In order to control these accidents, the new government is planning hard to take the required steps. As per the new Motor Bill proposed, traffic violators would have to bear up to INR 3 lakhs along with seven year imprisonment for death of a child in certain circumstances.

As per the reports obtained, the 2014 Road Safety and Transport Bill proposes fine of INR 5 lakhs per vehicle, license cancellation for rash and negligent driving, imprisonment for faulty manufacturing design. In case if vehicles were used in unsafe conditions, imprisonment for 6 months that may extend to up to one year or penalty of up to INR 1 lakh or both would be applicable.

If traffic signals are violated three times then a fine of INR 15000 along with license cancellation for a month and compulsory refresher training. Coming to drink and drive offences, the new bill proposed will attract imprisonment for 3 months or penalty of up to INR 25000 or both along with 6 months license suspension for the first drunk driving offence. In case if the violator has been caught for the second drink and drive offence within the next 3 years then imprisonment up to 1 year or penalty of up to INR 50000 or both along with license suspension for a year.


Further if the violator is caught in drink and drive offence after the suspension, will lead to license cancellation and impounding of the vehicle for a month. Most importantly, if the school bus drivers are caught drunk while driving will attract imprisonment for 3 years along with penalty of INR 50000. However if the school bus driver is in the age group of between 18-25 then an immediate license cancellation will be imposed.

However please do comment, what you think about whether these new Motor Bill will have effect in decreasing the traffic violation in the Indian roads!


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