New Lamborghini caught testing – is it Aventador-successor?

An unusual new Lamborghini Aventador concept has been photographed without any disguise, sparkling rumors say that the supercar’s replacement might be a new limited-edition model or even an early test-mule.


The following image was posted by Lamborghini Dutch on Instagram and snapped by Jasper van Toorenburg and appears to have been shot at some form of Lamborghini factory, as shown in the background by the other Lamborghini models. The Aventador is embellished with a host of parts which distinguish it from all other variants.


The most noticeable alteration is, or rather, lack of, the engine cover. Like all other Aventador versions, this version does not have an engine cover but only a decorative piece that sits directly above the engine and the cross member in X-shaped form. It is not because any Lamborghini actually removed the cover. Much like the Bugatti Veyron and Bugatti Chiron’s W16s, this looks like the finished version, suggesting the 6.5-liter V12 could be in plain view.

The concept elsewhere has a similar exhaust layout to the SVJ, but it does feature a custom rear bumper and diffuser. Also note the absence of a big fixed wing, like the SVJ and the SV before it. Look closely and you’ll see two hood pins on the engine cover as well.


If we had to guess, we would say that this might be a prototype for an Aventador’s latest limited edition. Leaks emerged last year indicating that the successor to the Aventador would not arrive until 2024, which may or may not mean that Lamborghini has already begun to work on it.

Most possibly, however, another special model is being planned by the Italian automaker to keep buyers interested in the aging supercar that was initially introduced in 2011.


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Source: Lamborghini Dutch