New Honda CR-V Soon

New Honda CR-V

We all know that Honda, the Japanese auto major is known for its perfect conglomeration of style and luxury. Having said that, Honda’s models have always been appreciated for their class and luxury all over the world and Indian automobile market seems to be no exception.

Continuing their trust with its tradition, Honda has decided to give a facelift to its model, the CR-V soon. Honda CR-V is set to be revamped and hit the road in 2012.

Though no official details about the new features of the car has still been provided by the company, its being speculated that it shall be offered in diesel. Another speculation that’s rife in the Indian automobile market is that the model would be laced with hybrid features too as that’s the norm currently being followed by Sports Utility Vehicles (SUVs) made by top auto manufacturers.

After having said that, still standing like an alone brave soldier, Honda CR-V is facing some stiff competition from recently launched Toyota Fortuner and BMW X1 and a facelift being awaited, it’s hoping to be back on the track soon.

Providing you an insight about the CR-V, it’s known for great handling skills, advanced features and loads of other things that have made it one of the most successful SUV ever launched in India.

Honda is recollecting these features to provide a powerful variant when its facelift version is unveiled. It would be India that would see the dawn for the car and later on it would have a controlled release all across the globe.

More pictures of New Honda CR-V

New Honda CR-V Front New Honda CR-V Interior New Honda CR-V SideView New Honda CR-V RearView

**Note – New Honda CR-V actually may differ from the above pic shown.