New BMW 3 series (F30) is scheduled to launch on 3rd August in India


BMW India is all set to launch new 3 Series sedan on 3rd of August, the new 3-Series (code named as F30) is an game changer for BMW in India, because since 2008 BMW stayed on the top in terms of sales in Indian luxury car market and for the first time in June, 2012 (last month) the sales of Audi overtakes at 759 units while sales of BMW stood at 750 units. Therefore, the new BMW 3 Series has a massive responsibility of improving its position in August month car sales.

The carmaker is all set to launch the all new BMW 3 series (F30) in two phases. In the first phase, it will be showcased in Mumbai on July 27th and then in the second phase, it will be officially launched on 3rd of August, 2012. BMW India has also set-up a brand new microsite with a countdown timer for the launch of the car, it reveals the launch date is 18 days from now. To visit the website click here.

The all new BMW 3 series (F30) is already spotted in the streets of most major cities in India. The car’s spotted in this cities is wrapped in a white paper with QR codes all over it. So if you scan these QR codes using your smartphone, it will take you to the new 3 Series’s website. Also, you have all right to stop these QR codes cars and ask the drivers for more details. The drivers will not reveal much about the vehicle but will give you small postcards that contain information on the new BMW 3 Series.

New BMW 3 series campaign at Infinity Mall in Mumbai

Furthermore, since BMW India wants to leave no stone unturned for the launch of the new 3 Series. It is going to spend huge money for the pre-launch and post launch marketing activities. In another campaign, the company has kept the new 3 Series inside the glass box filled with red balloons at the Infinity Mall in Mumbai. Our good friend at IndianAutosBlog has also confirmed that the number of balls will be reduced as we approach the D-Day of July 27.

Meanwhile, we will bring you more details and information on all new BMW 3 series (F30) tomorrow. Stay tune with

What we say? BMW 3 Series was born in 1975 and got its first generation changes in 1982 followed by 1990 when it got its 3rd generation that had more power engine that all the earlier generations. The fourth generation 3 Series came in the year 2000 and it also twice won the international engine of the year award. Later in 2005, the 5th generation car came and presented the BMW Efficient Dynamics in its true form followed by the present generation car that is about to come.


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Source – IndianAutosBlog

Image Credit –  Team-BHP