2014 Hero Xtreme: All that you need to know

Hero MotoCorp is one of the most celebrated and renowned two wheeler manufacturing company in the world. The auto maker enjoys immense popularity and fan following. The company left its audience spell bound when it revealed its latest products, a range of refreshed and new motorbikes. Hero MotoCorp is planning to launch these new motorbikes in two phases: performance bikes and commuter bikes. One of these bikes to be launched is the new 2014 Hero Xtreme.

2014-hero-xtreme-facelift-front-view2014 Hero Xtreme – FrontView

As far as the styling of the new 2014 Hero Xtreme is concerned, everything has been changed yet it retains the old. What we mean is that very small changes has been made but they are significant enough to attach the tag of ‘new’ with the bike’s name. At the front, headlight cowl has been made sharper but it does not looks aggressive anymore. The split grab rails, tail light assembly and exhaust are a few other areas where changes have been introduced. The chief highlight of the bike is its brim instrument cluster. This new console is trapezoid in shape and huge.

2014-hero-xtreme-facelift-rear-view2014 Hero Xtreme – RearView

The new 2014 Hero Xtreme comes with a 149.2cc powertrain that is powerful enough to deliver a power output of 14.4 BHP and a maximum torque of 12.8 Nm. The improved power makes Hero Xtreme a competitive bike in the 150cc segment. Its engine has been coupled with a 5-speed transmission. The engine as well as the gearbox runs smoothly to offer a unique riding experience. The engine has been made much more efficient and durable by reducing the friction.

2014-hero-xtreme-facelift-front-rear2014 Hero Xtreme – Front&Rear End

The chassis of the bike is the same but now it comes with bigger rear tyre and gas charged rear shocks. The new 2014 Hero Xtreme promises subtle dynamics, brilliant road holding capability and excellent riding quality. The bike looks pretty impressive and is likely to win the audience’s appreciation.

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