MTT coming up with 420 bhp Hyper Superbike

MTT Turbine Hyper Superbike

If you thought 320bhp is enough to outrun any 4-wheeler… just wait for its big brother to burn rubber on the street Marine Turbine Technologies (MTT), makers of the 320bhp Y2K turbine motorcycle are pin a process of finishing their latest creation. A new hyper-superbike treated with a Rolls Royce Allision Model 250 turbine packs a furious performance. The latest bike from MTT is even more mental with its Rolls Royce C20-B gas turbine which produces 420 bhp of pure insanity. The designed to run on diesel and Jet A1 fuel as well.

The superbike can reach a top speed of 420 kph and before you drop your jaw, the bike is declared street legal in America! And the European version of it still awaits approval. The turbine, instead of using the thrust to impart motion, rotates a shaft which is connected to the rear wheel via a two-speed gearbox just like the Y2K. The bike is currently in wind tunnel testing, but it’s expected to see their first customer “fly away” mid this year.

With so much of power on tap, the new MTT 420R Turbine Superbike emerges as the meanest two wheeled machine on the planet.


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Source – (via Motoroids)