The Moving News Studio named ‘Election Express’

By the time you will finish reading this article, a colossal red bus will be driving around the nation covering a significant part of its total destined tour across Indian roadways. This bus has been named Election Express. The Election Express will be working as the moving news studio for the ongoing elections in the country. At its drive, the bus will be playing host to India’s most influential, notable as well as notorious politicians. The Election Express bus will be serving the role of an unusual and never-seen-before platform for carrying out some on the ground debates at the major political hotspots of the nation.

election-express-busElection Express by DC

The seed for the inception of the Moving News Studio ‘Election Express’ was sown by Headlines Today’s need for ‘something’ that would actually take the studio to places where the action was unfolding rather than presenting news solely through correspondents. Designing a news van is a very complex process. But designing a full-blown moving news studio presented even more challenges and a unique process.

The one of its kind Election Express bus has been designed by DC, a well-known car manufacturing brand that has been manufacturing customized buses previously as well. So, for Dilip Chhabria’s company, designing and building this bus was nothing out of ordinary. However, the true challenge was the time frame. Generally it takes around 56 months to complete such a project but DC’s team had only 45 days for designing initial sketches and to transform it into the final product.

This moving news studio has been built on Mercedes O 500 RSD 2436 chassis. After humongous effort and hard work, the bus has finally hit the road. The Election Express bus will be driving over 8000 kilometers across the nation to work as first ever one-stop shop for covering elections.

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