Motormind’s killer Hyperion 1 Concept at 13th Auto Expo 2016

The words ‘Auto Expo’ and ‘Display of concept ‘Cars and Motorcycles’ almost go hand in hand. Manufacturers from around the world come up with attractive, funky and sometimes weird concept vehicles, the purpose of which is, to attract the general public to their pavilion at the expo, as well as to gauge the feasibility of the concept making it into production and also to show off the engineering and design capabilities of the manufacturer.


The 2016 Auto Expo was no different, as many manufacturers displayed some amazing concepts at their pavilions. Audi displayed the Prologue concept, Renault Displayed the Hybrid Eolab concept along with the R.S.01 and a couple of other sportier versions of the Kwid, Mahindra displayed the XUV Aero concept, Maruti Suzuki displayed the Baleno RS and Ignis concepts and so on.

It is quite the normal thing to find big multi-national manufacturers displaying their concept cars and motorcycles at premiere shows like this, but at this year’s auto expo, it was quite a pleasant surprise to see Motormind come up with a concept car of their own.


Motormind is a small Industrial Design studio and design Prototype Company based out of Bangalore. Motormind is known well for their mean design modifications to a couple of cars which are often seen prowling the streets of Bangalore. The boffins at Motormind have always been good with their design work and neat execution of the design, and the concept displayed at the auto expo is yet another triumph for Motormind.

The concept, called the Hyperion 1, is a project on which R&D activities have been going on for around 3 years now. Inspiration for the design of the Hyperion 1 has apparently been taken from Formula One Racers.

This open top racer has been aggressively designed with a formula one style front end complete with LED lights, Big wheels shod with tires designed for the track and at the sides of the car are huge air intake vents with cooling ducts and a neatly designed diffuser at the rear.


The interiors are typical of a concept car with carbon fiber being found everywhere, LED Strips flowing from the footwell area to the dashboard, providing ambient lighting and dominating all of that are the beautiful leather bucket seats. The Center console, made of carbon fiber intersected the dashboard, and everything seemed driver focused.

The concept was powered by a 2.7-litre V6 motor, but no further details about the engine or the drivetrain were revealed. The Hyperion is still in a developmental stage and has already set the stage on fire for motormind.

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motormind-hyperion-1-pictures-photos-images-snaps-2016-auto-expo-front-fascia     motormind-hyperion-1-pictures-photos-images-snaps-2016-auto-expo-front-shape     motormind-hyperion-1-pictures-photos-images-snaps-2016-auto-expo-scissor-lambo-doors

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motormind-hyperion-1-pictures-photos-images-snaps-2016-auto-expo-rear-shape     motormind-hyperion-1-pictures-photos-images-snaps-2016-auto-expo-rear-end     motormind-hyperion-1-pictures-photos-images-snaps-2016-auto-expo-stall-pavilion


Source: Motormind (FB page)