Mitsubishi Mirage production model to debut in Tokyo

Mitsubishi Mirage production model - FrontView

Mitsubishi will be revealing the production model of its B-segment sized the Mirage, at this year’s Tokyo Motor Show. The tiny Mirage is a five-door hatchback model with a more simplistic design then the concept, and is said to have a roomy enough interior to easily accommodate five adults. The model is 3,710mm long, 1,665mm wide, and 1,490mm high.

The styling is considerable toned down to makes sure that the cost doesn’t rises exponentially. The idea behind Mirage is plain and simple – a cheap urban runabout Period! Refinements have been made to the body using lightweight materials, and also with the engine, transmission, tires, and breaks.

Though the current productions model bears very small or almost no resemblance to the original concept model, yet it makes sense as they want to keep the production costs very low. Power will vary with the market, with either a 1.0-liter or 1.20-liter petrol motor, and some with start-stop technology and regenerative breaking.

Mitsubishi Mirage production model - RearView

Back home, Mitsubishi India is a dormant mode with no new models on cards. The company is just launching special editions and variants to survive. The Mirage will be on sale in Thailand in March, the rest will follow throughout 2012.


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