Mercedes-Benz plans to launch mb.Inspired its new iniative at 2012 Delhi Auto Expo

2012 Delhi Auto Expo has been a platform associated with launching new products and exhibiting newer technological marvels. Mercedes-Benz India, in the 11th Auto Expo, will however launch a unique platform apart from launching two of its new and stunning products which evokes motoring passion.

In a distinct showcase Mercedes-Benz India would be launching mb. Inspired – a unique Initiative which showcases the face of Mercedes-Benz across varied creative fields. mb. Inspired! results in a very personal perspective that reveals new ways of thinking and spreads inspiration.

Mercedes-Benz plans to launch 'mb.Inspired' its new iniative at 2012 Delhi Auto Expo

‘Best or Nothing’ has always inspired Mercedes-Benz and has been the guiding philosophy of the brand. It has inspired Mercedes-Benz in pioneering numerous technological innovations in the automotive domain, which has resulted in benchmarking product offerings from the company’s portfolio, which has won admirations of millions of customer’s world over and continues to aspire millions more. Mercedes-Benz would be promoting this philosophy in India through the mb. Inspired initiative.

A new vibrant and young India is on the rise and it is driven by youth and their rising aspirations. It’s an India which is fearless in taking risks and doesn’t fear failure. Mercedes-Benz India commemorates these young youth inspirational icons through mb. Inspired! It’s an initiative which synergizes the Mercedes-Benz ethos across various creative, sporting, business and lifestyle universes. The result is a collaborative perspective that fuels new ways of thinking and inspires.

Speaking on the initiative Debashis Mitra, Director, Sales & Marketing, Mercedes-Benz India said “mb. Inspired! is a bridge to connect avant-garde talent in India with the brand Mercedes-Benz. This unique initiative will be an impetus in promoting young talents and also help us in communicating our brand values more clearly to our customers.”


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