Dealers offer dual-tone interior, wood finish on Maruti Suzuki S-Cross

Dealers across the country are trying to get rid of the Maruti Suzuki S-Cross inventory either offering an additional features or a massive discount upto Rs 2.90 lakh.


Lack of an imposing attitude that Indian car buyers have towards the term crossover is one of the main reasons for the S-Cross’ been quite a flop since day 1. Looking at the sales figures going downhill there has been some dealer-level customization done to appeal the ultimate customers. The dealer here has altered the interiors to give the S-Cross a plusher feel.

Although the stock S-Cross comes with an all-black interior with silver trim across the range. This dealer-level customized S-Cross features a dual-tone beige interior with wood finish panels. The dealer has fitted the crossover with a beige leather wrapped steering wheel with wood trim, beige-wrapped door pads, gear knob and handbrake levers, diamond quilted leather seats in beige, floor carpets, wood trim on the lower center console and door panels.


Although, the price of the upgrade package is not known, if there is any, it’s also not very clear if these customization’s can be as per the buyers choice, in terms of colour selection. One thing is for sure the effort taken by the dealers is impressive, let’s see how much it works in their way.

Mind you, this is a dealer-level variant and this variant has not been launched officially by Maruti Suzuki.

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GALLERY: Maruti Suzuki S-Cross with dual-tone interior

maruti-suzuki-s-cross-beige-interior-wood-finish-gear-knob     maruti-suzuki-s-cross-beige-interior-wood-finish-rear-seat     maruti-suzuki-s-cross-beige-interior-wood-finish-diamond-quilted-leather-upholstery

maruti-suzuki-s-cross-beige-interior-wood-finish-floor-mat     maruti-suzuki-s-cross-beige-interior-wood-finish-handbrake-lever     maruti-suzuki-s-cross-beige-interior-wood-trim-door-pad-finish

maruti-suzuki-s-cross-beige-interior-wood-finish-steering-wheel     maruti-suzuki-s-cross-beige-interior-wood-finish-door     maruti-suzuki-s-cross-beige-interior-wood-finish-door-pads


Source: IndianAutoBlog