Maruti Alto K10 to get new clothes by end-2013


Maruti Suzuki Alto K10 (current version) – FrontView

Recent competition in the small car segment has kept Maruti engineers busy from a long time; a result of such demand to beat the competition was the Alto K10 derived from the Alto 800, which Maruti launched about 3 years back. As per a recent report on Maruti is working on facelift version of the Alto k10 to celebrate its third anniversary.

Although the exact changes that may go into the facelift version are not yet known, but any changes in the body and styling is barely expected. What we can expect from the facelift version is just a mere addition some decals, some new combination of upholstery colors and a better audio system and maybe some other changes the plastic parts on the exterior to make it stand apart from the regular K10.

Maruti is expected to launch the facelift Alto K10 during festive season by the end of the year most likely Diwali, since that’s the time many people like buying vehicles, and a new face to an existing trusted brand will prove an added advantage.
Check out a rear picture of a Maruti Alto K10, after a jump.


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Maruti Suzuki Alto K10 (current version) – RearView