Manual transmission soon to be history at Porsche

2014 Porsche 911 GT3

It has been a while since a lot of sports cars have automatic transmission on them, and the drivers enjoy the ride without having to manually change gears. Porsche has been offering its cars in both manual as well as automatic version. Following the trend in sports cars, Porsche has finally decided to have automatic transmission as a standard on their upcoming cars. “80% of the Porsche 911 users prefer having an automatic transmission over its traditional manual transmission”, said Porsche`s vice president for R&D, planning and process, Bunno Brandlhuber in an interview to Drive.

He also confirmed that its latest Porsche 911 GT3 will be available with a specially developed dual clutch transmission (PDK) automatic transmission which will be showcased at the Geneva motor show (today unveiled). Apart from the transmission the GT3 will be having an updated version of the 3.8-litre six cylinder engine and could weigh less than 1350kg. Other sports cars brands like Ferrari and Lamborghini have already shifted to the Automatic transmission. “The PDK is a better gear box in terms of fuel consumption and sportiness” said Porsche test driver Walter Rohrl in an interview to Drive; he added that he doesn’t need a manual gearbox anymore. “The PDF shifts perfectly and I don’t have to do anything. The gearbox does the job perfectly”.


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