Mahindra XUV 500 too participated in the Maruti Suzuki Desert Storm rally

Mahindra XUV 500 is all set to prove its might. The new SUV by Mahindra will be participating in the Maruti Suzuki Desert Storm rally which started today. There will be two XUV 500 SUVs that will be part of the rally. Gaurav Gill, who is India’s best rally car driver will be driving the cheetah inspired SUV and his navigator will be Musa Sharif. The other fortunate driver to drive the SUV XUV 500 in the rally will be Lohith Urs and his team member will be PVS Murthy. All eyes are there on the XUV 500 and it is believed that it will emerge as a sure winner just further proving that the 25000 plus booking applications it has received lately were true and not pompous.

Mahindra XUV 500

Desert land Rajasthan is hosting the Maruti Suzuki Desert Storm rally and the Mahindra XUV 500 is expected to be the sure winner. The 3500 kilometer rally will be a six day event and it seems that the XUV 500 will emerge as a sure winner over other SUVs such as Tata Safari and Tata Xenon 4×4 that is also participating in the event.

The XUV 500 and other SUVs will have to test the sand dunes of Rajasthan as well the salt plains of the Rann of Gujarat. Significantly, the XUV 500 will be put to test in the Xtreme category. Notably, Gaurav Gill has been specifically chosen by Mahindra Motors. The last year winner’s of the desert storm rally was Tata Safari and this year experts believe that it will be the XUV 500. In order to equip the XUV 500 for the rally, Mahindra has specifically put a different sturdier suspension in the XUV 500 along with a roll cage that comes with a strengthened body in order to protect the driver and navigator from hurt in the event of a crash.


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Image CreditSirish Chandran (FB page)