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I have lost count of the number of articles and spyshots of the Mahindra Mojo on the internet; a motorcycle which has been evading its launch event for years now; A motorcycle for which many are still waiting and many more being tired of waiting, went ahead and purchased one of its competitors instead.


Well, we at are happy to announce that the wait is over and the motorcycle is here and has been photographed by us in its production guise – IT IS BEAUTIFUL!

The Mojo has come a long way since it was first announced back in 2010. It has gone from the plain Jane design, to being all curvaceous and um, Italian? Yes, it definitely looks like a big Italian bike, which is a very good thing indeed. This motorcycle was photographed by us near Bangalore and this is its final production guise and it possesses an attractive design.


Up-front, the Mojo is characterized by twin owl-eyed headlamps and also LED Daytime running lights right above the headlamps in the shape of an eyebrow. The side profile is characterized by the large fuel tank with an attractive Fiber cowl under the tank, even the exhaust is huge, when compared to other motorcycles with a similar engine capacity and it keeps getting better, as it is the only motorcycle under 600cc to come with twin-exhaust pipes, which in turn lends the bike a very nice exhaust note(more on that later).

When viewed from the rear, one gets a very nice view of the LED tail-lamps and the high set mudguard, combined with the 150-section Pirelli Diablo Rosso’s at the rear. All-in-all, the Mahindra Mojo is a motorcycle with awesome aesthetics.


The Mahindra Mojo as we all know gets a liquid cooled, 300cc, single-cylinder engine. We had heard of various power output figures till now, but our source from Mahindra has confirmed that the power output is fixed at 28 PS and twisting force is at 26 NM which drives the rear wheel through a 6-speed gearbox.

Speaking of “RIDE”, it is very important to let our readers know that I did get to ride the Mojo and it did give me an idea bout how the motorcycle feels, even though it was very short, probably less than 2 minutes!

First Impressions? Well, the suspension seems to have been tuned perfectly, as it ironed out all the bumps exactly like a much bigger adventure/enduro motorcycle would; the riding position though; made it even sweeter to ride. The rider’s position made me feel like one would not have any kind of physical strain even after riding the Mojo, hundreds of kilometers at a stretch while on tour. The seating position is set very high and the seat itself ensure that the rider’s ‘rear-end’ will not complain even after spending hours together on the saddle.


The instrument cluster is designed nicely, but seems like a bit too much of information and indications have been cramped in there, with the analogue tachometer being offset to the left. Thumbing the engine starter button results in a very nice single cylinder, twin-exhaust note. It has a very bassy feel and this sounds very nice, especially given that the engine is more of a relaxed monster; it is not very aggressive in its revving and power delivery. The clutch felt very light but precise and the shifting action seemed very smooth; Though it has just 26 NM of torque, it sure felt a lot higher than that, but we will be able to know more about the engine’s characteristics and judge better only after we take it out for a longer ride, which we will be doing very soon.

A detailed review and road-test of the Mahindra Mojo is on the cards and will be coming up soon. Until then, stick around.

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