Mahindra- BAE JV delivers first Mine Protected Vehicle

Mahindra- BAE JV delivers first Mine Protected Vehicle

Defence Land Systems India (DLSI) a joint venture company which is owned by India’s largest utility car maker Mahindra and BAE Systems, experts in developing defence equipments, handed over the first Mine Protected Vehicle (MPV) to Jharkhand Police earlier yesterday.

Mahindra DLSI has specially developed MPV to protect the Indian paramilitary forces who risk their lives on a daily basis in the Maoist inflicted region of Jharkhand. Every now and then paramilitary men have to pay with their lives due to landmines which are placed all over the Maoist inflicted region by the Naxalites.

The vehicle combines excellent Ballistic and Blast Protection capabilities. Built on Ural Chassis it incorporates a ‘V’ shaped mono hull chassis which directs the force of the blast away from the occupants and has been tested to withstand the highest level of protection available in the country. In addition to the enhanced protection, the 6×6 vehicle has a powerful engine that ensures high mobility and can carry an entire operational team making it ideally suited for anti-terrorist and anti-Naxal operations. DLSI has a present installed capacity of 100 MPV-I per annum.

Mahindra- BAE JV delivers first Mine Protected Vehicle

In order to ensure smooth induction of these vehicles, into the force, DLSI is also training a fleet of drivers and mechanics of the Jharkhand Police force to ensure optimum use of the vehicle. Moreover, DLSI will also provide complete life cycle support to the Police for these vehicles. Built with technology and product capability transfer from BAE Systems in South Africa, world leader in this technology, the MPV-I, Brig.

Features of Mahindra DLSI 6X6 MPVI features include, V shaped hull chassis, powerful engine, cheaper cost of manufacturing as it is a Made in India vehicle.

Speaking on the occasion, Brig Hai said, “This is a proud moment for DLSI as this is the first such vehicle of its kind indigenously manufactured by the private sector industry being delivered to the Police Forces in the country. I assure the ADGP, Jharkhand Police that the MPV-I will meet all the stated parameters and we hope it will greatly enhance the operational effectiveness of the Police forces in Naxal affected areas of the country.”

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