Mahindra 2-wheelers to revamp lineup, add 3 scooter variants in next 12 months

Mahindra two-wheelers have recorded an improvement in sales numbers in the past few months. They curently have only three products on sale in the Indian and global market, of which two are scooters(Duro and Nova) and only one is a motorcycle (Centuro). As is the case with all new companies, Mahindra too is looking forward to gain a high growth rate. The sales numbers of the Centuro does show that the company is growing, but in order to achieve their target, mahindra would need more than just that.

mahindra-centuro-disc-brake-versionMahindra Centuro disc brake version

President of Mahindra Two Wheelers, Dr. Pawan Goenka has said that the company has set a target of reaching an annual sales number of 1 million two-wheelers and their export target is 10% of that overall target. He went on to say that, in order to achieve this, they would need atleast 3 products which sell about 30,000 to 35,000 units every month. Mahindra have also revealed that over the next 12 months, they would be launching a new scooter with three variants, a new motorcycle and the long-awaited Mahindra Mojo.

mahindra-110cc-scooter-variantsMahindra’s 110cc scooter (code – G101)

The scooter in question is an all new scooter developed by Mahindra, and has been codenamed ‘G101’ and will be directed at the 110cc market which is currently dominated by the honda duo – Activa and Dio. The G101 will be made available in three different variants, and these three variants might be made available in three different price brackets. One in the Honda Dio’s price bracket, one in the Honda Activa’s price bracket and one in the Yamaha Ray-Z’s price bracket? This way, customers will always have an alternative to the country’s best selling scooters. We do not know yet, but this strategy being used by mahindra cannot be entirely ruled out! The G101 scooter has been spotted a couple of times while on test, and will be launched shortly.

mahindra-mojo-300-race-versionMahindra Mojo 300 Race Version

In the later part of this year, Mahindra will finally launch the Mojo. After revealing the mojo to the public for the first time way back in September of 2010, Mahindra, for unknown reasons has been postponing the launch of the motorcycle, though it has been spotted while undergoing camouflaged testing numerous times. At the 2014 auto expo held in delhi earlier this year, mahindra revealed the new, redesigned Mojo, which had aesthetic improvements over the previous Mojo, and now Mahindra will finally be launching the Mojo by the end of this year. Mahindra will also be launching a new variant of it’s best seller, the Mahindra Centuro.

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Mojo 300 Race Version, Centuro with Disc Brake & two concept bikes showcased


Image Credit – Overdrive


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