LEGOLAND Employees pranks bosses car with LEGO car

It’s always fun to pull pranks on your boss. As Peter Ronchetti, the General Manager of LEGOLAND California, pulled into his usual parking spot Monday morning, he was to become the target of his subordinates’ prank as they “upgraded” his VOLVO XC60 with a true-to-size VOLVO XC90 – in LEGO bricks.

The Model Shop team at LEGOLAND in California built the model in 2004. In exact ratio of 1:1, the life- sized Lego XC90 weighs in around 2,934 pounds and contained 201,076 LEGO bricks.

The result is one amazing, and lighthearted, prank. Check out the priceless sequence of events filmed this Monday morning by staff members…

Video of LEGOLAND California pranks general manager with life-sized Lego XC90 –