KTM RC 125/200/390: 30 high-resolution photos released


KTM RC200 – FrontView

Austrian motorcycle manufacturer, KTM was all-set to unveil its much awaited KTM RC390 on 5th November at 2013 EICMA Milan Motorcycle Show. But the company’s Canadian website accidentally published the bike’s specs and photos, following the leak the company officially released 30 high resolution photos of its low-end RC series that include fully-faired versions of 125/200/390. The picture seen here are first set of pictures officially revealed by the company.

From the pictures released, we can make out that apart from the twin headlamps, revised graphics and the fairing mounted rear view mirror with turn signals, all these low-end RC series design is very similar to the race-spec model and also note the presence of the clip-on handlebars. KTM have moved back the footrests and the pedals that to help the RC take up fast cornering by allowing a greater leaning angle.

Fairing and wind shield of the bike gives the look of a full size racing bike and its racing split seat pattern goes well with its look. And the underbelly exhaust has been repeated in the bike like other entry level bikes of the company. These low-end RC series drops its gorgeous bikini fairings and looks much more macho with the full fairings. The side is the sportiest part of the bike, while rear is inspired from the 1190 RC8 and thus the rising tail gets a similar tail light as the RC8.

While nothing much is known about the KTM RC 125/200, the KTM RC390 owing to its full-fairing is heavier than the Duke 390 by 8 kilograms. However, the RC390 is likely to have a higher top speed than the Duke 390 due to the presence of the full-fairing, a feature that will make the motorcycle more aerodynamic. Also, a rider is likely to feel more comfortable at high speeds on the RC390 than on the Duke 390 due to the presence of a wind drag reducing full-fairing.


KTM RC200 – RearView

KTM RC390 will be the first model in the low-end RC series to be launched globally, expect it to hit our shores by next-year. The made-in-India KTM RC390 will also sold across the world, in line with KTM’s strategy of using Bajaj Auto’s Chakan production unit and India as low cost-high quality production and sourcing hubs respectively. Expect the RC 200 and 390 to be sold in India, alongside the 200 and 390 Duke and is likely to cost Rs. 10,000–20,000 more.

The RC125 will only be exported to Europe along with the 200 and 390. Touring motorcycles under the KTM badge are called the ‘Adventure’ series. The KTM 125/200/390 is likely to have its own “Adventure” version. Also there are rumors of KTM coming-up with RC250, although not confirmed.


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See more pictures of KTM RC 125/200/390 –

KTM-Duke-RC-125-200-India-Front     KTM-Duke-RC-125-200-India-Rear     KTM-Duke-RC-125-India-Front     KTM-Duke-RC-125-India-Rear

KTM-Duke-RC-125-India-Right     KTM-Duke-RC-200-India-Front     KTM-Duke-RC-200-India-Front-Bags     KTM-Duke-RC-200-India-Front-Detail

KTM-Duke-RC-200-India-Front-Fascia     KTM-Duke-RC-200-India-Front-Left     KTM-Duke-RC-200-India-Front-Side-View     KTM-Duke-RC-200-India-Front-Stand

KTM-Duke-RC-200-India-Left     KTM-Duke-RC-200-India-Rear     KTM-Duke-RC-200-India-Rear-Bag     KTM-Duke-RC-200-India-Rear-Box

KTM-Duke-RC-200-India-Rear-Detail     KTM-Duke-RC-200-India-Seat     KTM-Duke-RC-200-India-Stand     KTM-Duke-RC-200-India-Stripped

KTM-Duke-RC-200-India-Swingarm-Detail     KTM-Duke-RC-200-India-Swingarm-Detail     KTM-Duke-RC-390-India-Front-Side-View     KTM-Duke-RC-390-India-Front-View

KTM-Duke-RC-390-India-Rear-Side-View     KTM-Duke-RC-390-India-Rear-Stand     KTM-Duke-RC-390-India-Rear-View     KTM-Duke-RC-390-India-Standard