King of Chevrolet Camaro rides on 32-inch wheels (Video)

King of Chevrolet Camaro - FrontView

Have a look at the King of Camaro, a Chrome Chevy Camaro Convertible sitting on 32″ Forgiato Rims with Red Chrome Interior and more speakers and TVs than your favorite night club. Painted and finished by 813 Customs, the King Camaro is the King of the Streets when it comes to American Muscle right now.

Behind all this chrome is a fifth generation 2012 Chevrolet Camaro SS with the factory 6.2-liter V8 engine.

The mirror shiny wrap is accented by red pin and racing stripes, a custom front grille, colorless tail lamp covers, LED strips on the hood opening, devilish-looking headlamps and fog lights in red, and of course, massive 32-inch wheels that create enough ground clearance to allow the Camaro to pass over…a Fiat 500.

King of Chevrolet Camaro - DashView

The interior too received red chrome paint for the custom boxes holding multiple speakers and subwoofers, and red leather upholstery. Furthermore, if you look closely you’ll notice the audio system and speakers as well as the double-sided LCD flat screen positioned behind the driver in place of the rear seat bench.

We believe the interior tune has some room for improvements especially in the audio department, as there are plenty of unfilled spaces to place a few more speakers… (See more pictures and video of the King Camaro, below the jump.)


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Check the video below at the making of the King Camaro :


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King of Chevrolet Camaro - 005     King of Chevrolet Camaro - 006     King of Chevrolet Camaro - 007     King of Chevrolet Camaro - 008


Image Credit – Riding Clean Magazine