Khalidaro Designs

Fast and good looking bikes are the universal heartthrobs; almost everybody gets infatuated to them. Probably this is the main reason which has given birth to the concept of modifying the bikes, bike modification allows you to get the custom look, as per your choice you can modify it for almost everything, sometimes even the engine as well.

Khalid Shaikh is the owner of a Bike and Car designing company, Khalidaro Design, located in Mumbai. I recently came to know about Khalid. Trust me, the way he talks about his work sounds amazing, you can feel the passion in his talks, he addresses his creations as ‘Babe’. It’s like you just need to initiate talking about bikes and car designs, and later just keep responding in simple ‘hmm’ and ‘that’s great’ like words.

The first bike which Khalid modified was a Yamaha RX100, modified to a dirt bike, meant especially for adventure sports, with customizations like disc brake, self-start, and also a security system due to which in case of theft the engine shuts down automatically after few minutes, have a look at it –

Khalidaro Design 1Khalid’s First Dirt Bike

Here is the first Chopper designed by Khalid (Khalidaro Design) –

Khalidaro Design 2First Chopper by Khalidaro Design

Both these designs of Khalidaro Design were featured in Bike India and Auto India, the snapshots for the same can be seen here. The company has also done some bike theme based designs, like Scorpion King and Batman, shown below are the photos of these theme based designs.

Khalidaro Design 3Batman Theme design by Khalidaro

Khalidaro Design 4Scorpion King theme modification by Khalidaro

Khalidaro Design 5Tank design for Scorpion King Theme

Designing Cars and Helmets is also done by Khalidaro Design, and they have done some professional designing for some helmet companies too.

Another thing which is very remarkable is, Khalid says – “I do most of the jobs during the modification process on my own, hardly outsource.” Interesting enough, isn’t it?

Designs by Khalidaro Design are one of the best modifications, though I myself have never got my bikes modified, but have been observing the modifications all around for pretty long, and I loved the designs, especially the Batman Theme design is my favorite. Hats Off!! to Khalid

So, if you are looking for some bike, car or even Helmet designing company, you search ends at Khalidaro Design, you can get all the details to contact them on the official website of Khalidaro Design. They offer the modification options for both old and new bikes as well.