JS Design modified Maruti 800 convertible

Maruti 800 became a household name when it was launched over two decades ago. It was one of those cars that initiated a segment of the population towards buying automotive. However, last year, Maruti Suzuki India decided to axe its production thereby ending its run in the Indian market. During its time, Maruti 800 underwent various modifications to suit different budgets. The car was available from a keenly done up version to a macabre chop version as well. But the Indian market has also loved convertibles as they have aspirational values. And it appears that JS Designs decided to cash on it.

js-design-modified-maruti-800-convertible-front-viewJS Design modified Maruti 800 convertible – FrontView

Mr. Jagjit Singh, the man behind JS Designs, took 3 years to complete this project. The design and bodywork of the Maurti 800 has been changes completely. Painstaking effort has gone into giving this car a high end finish and fit. The front grille of the car has been removed to give this car a much cleaner look. Also, the standard headlamps have been replaced and instead of them Fiat Palio’s headlamps have been installed. The Maruti 800 convertible comes with all new windscreen, bonnet, front bumper and A-pillars.

Two doors have been wipes off the Maruti 800 in this version. The entire characters of the side profile of the car has been changed by the additional of faux but stylish air vents and creases. The rear of the car has also been totally reworked. The Maruti 800 convertible looks really stylish and classy with its racy red finish.

js-design-modified-maruti-800-convertible-rear-viewJS Design modified Maruti 800 convertible – RearView

Mr. Jagjit Singh stated that every young kid wishes to own an expensive sports car but not all can afford one. Even second hand sports cars can cost over INR 65 to 75 lacs. Thus, they created this Maruti 800 convertible to offer a luxury car that is also affordable.

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js-design-modified-maruti-800-convertible-001     js-design-modified-maruti-800-convertible-002     js-design-modified-maruti-800-convertible-003

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js-design-modified-maruti-800-convertible-010     js-design-modified-maruti-800-convertible-011     js-design-modified-maruti-800-convertible-012

js-design-modified-maruti-800-convertible-013     js-design-modified-maruti-800-convertible-014     js-design-modified-maruti-800-convertible-015


Image CreditJS Design (Facebook page)