Japanese Tsunami’s effect on Indian Auto Market

  • Brio Delayed
  • Toyota’s second plant inauguration postponed
  • Maruti cancelled 1 crore production milestone celebration
  • Suzuki Kizashi and Nissan Teana Deliveries may be delayed

 Japanese Tsunami's effect on Indian Auto Market

The 8.9 magnitude earthquake and the resulting Tsunami that destroyed the entire East Coast of Japan last week, is going to affect the Indian auto industry too. India is probably a battle turf for Japanese auto makers.

Suzuki, Nissan, Toyota, Honda and Mitsubishi all have huge set-ups in India. These manufacturers import parts and accessories from Japan. But, due to last week’s disaster, their suppliers in Japan have stopped operating and shut their manufacturing units.

The operations in the country are badly affected with this tsunami and thus the import will not be continued from here. As per the statement made by Shashank Srivastava , chief general manager (marketing), Maruti Suzuki, the company is trying to figure out the impact of this natural devastation on the vendors of Japan which usually supply spare parts to the company branch in Indian auto market. In India, the company is holding a stake of 55% and is the largest automobile company in India.

The company is involved in importing the engines and gears from home land for its Indian portfolio cars like Maruti Swift, Maruti Dzire etc. the calamity will hamper the smooth flow of component supply from home country. This will in turn slow down the operation of Maruti Suzuki in Indian auto market. Honda Siel Cars India also imports its parts from Japan for its luxury car, Honda Accord which will be hugely affected with this natural calamity in Japan. Many Japan based companies are holding a branch in India which will face a severe problem in maintaining the same success story in market. Honda Accord is a successful model and is known for catching good demand in Indian auto market. With this shortage of supply the car may go through a longer waiting period.