Godrej launched India’s first car safe named ‘Motormate’

godrej-security-solution-indias-first-car-safe-motormateGodrej Motormate

Godrej Security Solutions is known for their services in India. It is the leading company in the field of providing great security solutions for various purposes. As has been revealed today, the company has now come up with the country’s first ever car safe. This product has been named ‘Motormate’. Godrej has designed this safe after recognizing its need due to increased incidences of car theft in the nation. Motormate will ensure that you can keep your valuables in cars without running the risk of getting them stolen.

Godrej has designed Motormate specifically for the purpose of protecting mobile phones, wallets, cash, credit or debit cards, important papers of the cars, etc. It is indeed a great and a perfect device to keep such essential completely secure in your vehicle while you go shopping in a mall, enjoying a movie, taking rides in an amusement park or anything else. Motormate is easily portable and easy to secure. You can hide in anywhere in your vehicle. It is quite a functional device.

motormate-indias-first-car-safe-godrej-security-solutionGodrej Motormate

The marketing head of Godrej Security Solutions commented on the launch of Motormate stating that the company has always strived to foreseen the needs and requirements of the consumers to device its products. They have a very pro-active approach. It is quite common for people to leave their stuff in cars, if nothing else then at least the important car registration documents and all, in their vehicle while they are at work or running an errand or out for enjoyment.

But a part of their mind constantly worries about these valuables as simple tools can help break into any car. To relieve them off this tension, GSS has devised Motormate. This safe helps counter unauthorized access to their valuables. A buyer can rely on this safe. They feel India has great potential as a market for Motormate.


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