GM India silently recalls the Chevrolet Cruze

As per the report on CarToq, GM India has issued a silent recall of the Chevrolet Cruze sedan. The company has not officially announced a recall or mentioned it on their official site, dealerships have reportedly been getting in touch with Cruze owners. This Chevrolet Cruze recall is made to replace the Chevrolet Cruze’s faulty PVC bracket that grips the wiring in place in the engine bay.

gm-india-recalled-chevrolet-cruze-indiaThe Cruze got a very minor refresh which focussed on subtle changes to the front.

Cruze owners are being told that the recall is to change a “minor part” in the car, a job that will take about two hours time, and will be carried out at free of cost to the customer. However, some dealers claim the recall is to carry out certain “upgrades” to the car in order to improve on its emission levels.

Previously in 2013, GM India had also recalled 1.14 lakh units of Chevrolet Tavera MPV manufactured between 2005 and 2013 were recalled to rectify emissions and specification issues.

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