India is expected to get World’s first Start-Stop system for Bikes


TE Connectivity India being one of the supply solutions of Start-Stop technologies for cars in the Indian market is planning to introduce the all new Start-Stop technology to the Indian two wheelers as well. As per the reports obtained from Overdrive, TE Connectivity India has told the Auto Monitor that its negotiations with a leading multinational are in an advanced stage, and if all goes well the technology will be introduced in the Indian market in the next few months.

Mr. S Vishwanath, Director of TE Connectivity said that “We cannot disclose the detail of our customer right now, but we are working with a Tier-1 supplier for designing components for Start-Stop for two-wheelers in India. The tier–1 is a multinational company and we are in an advance stage of discussion. If everything goes well, in a few months we will see it in the market.  Initially it will be retrofitted.  We are in the design stage and will start the supply in the next three months. But I think it is just a question of time. I hope very soon even the two-wheeler OEMs will take it up.”

In European markets, Start-stop technology is available in almost all the cars making it more fuel efficient. TE Connectivity’s leading customers also includes BMW, Audi and Mercedes. TE Connectivity is expected to price the Start-Stop System at a fixed rate depending on the range of two wheelers starting from 100cc. Although the initial cost of the two wheelers equipped with Start-Stop system might increase, but in turn it reduces the overall operation cost of the vehicle.

Mr. S Vishwanath concluded that “It works very well with automatic transmission, but for a gear transmission it has to be in the neutral position. The system will be more adoptable for gearless scooters. The OEMs are also showing interest in it. This would be probably the first time that a Start–Stop option for two-wheelers will be available”.

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