Hyundai Motor opens flagship showroom in Seoul


The fastest-growing automaker, Hyundai Motor Company recently opened “Hyundai Motorstudio” in Gangnam, one of Seoul’s busiest districts. The flagship brand showroom, Hyundai Motor’s first, features a series of newly-curated retail and cultural experiences, as well as exhibits that engage visitors and communicate the company’s future brand direction and aspirations.

“Our goal is to provide an environment where customers can naturally experience our Modern Premium brand values,” said Won-Hong Cho, Hyundai Motor’s Chief Marketing Officer. “Every detail within Hyundai Motorstudio was designed to create synergy towards making our brand experience a culture in itself.”


Both the space and the program of the flagship brand showroom suggest a new kind of driving culture. Just as the customer’s experience of Hyundai begins long before he sets foot in one of its cars, Hyundai Motorstudio is based on the concept that its automobiles are not simply an assembly of parts, but an evolution of steel and engineering. Beginning with the production of the raw materials themselves, Hyundai crafts each new model essentially from scratch. It then hones its products to perfection, as witnessed in the undercarriage of the new Genesis.

Conceived by Eulho Suh of Suh Architects, Suh used 36,000 meters of steel pipes and anodized steel panels supplied by affiliates within the Hyundai Motor Group to create the interior and exterior architecture. Thus, the store’s material expression represents Hyundai Motor’s vast capacity for industrial production and innovation.


The world’s first ‘Car Rotators’ were also designed internally and installed for the showroom, allowing nine, full-size Genesis models to create the facade and central display of the building. The angle of each car will be adjusted every month, allowing customers to observe each car from every angle first-hand, including their undercarriages.

Furthermore, the building itself will be utilized as an art gallery and a venue for communication with customers. The first exhibition at the store is ‘Principle of Motion’ by a London-based art group UVA(United Visual Artists). This video installation reinterprets the experience of driving through Korea through dynamic, moving patterns and rhythms. Having hired its own curator, Hyundai Motorstudio will continue to showcase a wide range of collaborated works with world-renowned artists.


Consisting of five floors, the studio also includes an auto library, a kids’ lounge, a premium customer lounge, a car-tuning lounge, a gallery and a cafe to relax and linger. Specially-trained staff and curators will be on hand to help visitors enjoy each of its spaces and listen to customer feedback. With its attention to detail and unique design and program, Hyundai Motorstudio is expected to become one of Southern Seoul’s landmarks.

Additionally, Hyundai Motor will expand its flagship brand showroom in other global cities, starting with one in Moscow in the second half of this year. With each new venue, Hyundai Motor will offer visitors a glimpse into more than its cars.

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