Hyundai Creta given Minor Cosmetic Updates

Hyundai have recently given their popular SUV, the Creta, a couple of minor updates. These will take place in order to keep the car fresh amidst growing competition. The Creta has been a strong seller for Hyundai since its launch in 2015 and Is probably feeling the heat given that other new products from rivals are set to be launched in a matter of time.

On the exterior front, Hyundai will add new “Earth Brown” colour. It will replace the “Pearl Beige” colour, and it has also come that the dual tone of the Red Passion and Phantom Black colour scheme has also been axed. Interior tweaks will include the SX+ dual tone getting a distinctive “Luxury Brown” interior colour package with seats getting brown inserts and the steering wheel wrapped with leather.

Mechanically, the car will remain the same and Hyundai will hope that these changes will help the car. The Creta has lost some ground to the Jeep Compass for quite some time now. With launches like the Renault Captur and Nissan Kicks lined up, it does not look like the situation is good at Hyundai.

Even enticing buyers will be a bit tough, after both of them get launched. So, Hyundai have taken the reply with some cosmetic changes and cash on its popularity here. Rivals will be the Renault Duster and the Jeep Compass, at least for now.

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