Google Street View Car found crashed in India

Google Street View Car found crashed in India

Google Street View Car is wrecked and lying unattended on a rocky slope in Leh district of North India. The crashed vehicle had been apparently discovered by two unidentified men who also filmed this bizarre scenario. The video shows one of the guys throwing rocks on the hatchback, probably smashing what’s left of the abandoned vehicle. Furthermore, Opel brand has been discontinued in India currently, so, why use an Opel Astra?

The unidentified man who managed to capture video footage of this abandoned vehicle have made their way online and have created a ripple among viewers who find it strange that a Google Street View Car could not come to its own rescue, also there arises a doubt which makes us wonder as to why is Google trying to keep it’s Street View Project under wraps in India and also we would really like to know why, when and how the Opel Astra got crashed and abandoned in the middle of nowhere.

Google introduced Street View cars with Google Maps and Google Earth giving in-depth views and positions of streets, regions and expanses across the globe. This device was launched in May 2007 across the US while it has been expended to include other cities and locations worldwide. Previously a Maruti Suzuki Alto and Mahindra Scorpio have been spotted on Indian streets fitted with gadgets and contraptions that point to them being Google Street view cars, but clearly these vehicles were missing any tell tale signs that it was in fact a Google venture.

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