Honda launches CG110, at a price lesser than that of an iPad air!


In Europe and in rapidly growing countries like India, the low capacity, high performance motorcycles are the talk of the town, and all the manufacturers are scrambling to get their share of the 250cc-500cc market. But in countries like Nigeria which are still considerably backward in terms of economic wellness, the performance motorcycling segment does not work. Countries like these are thirsty for bikes which cost extremely low, but whose reliability in the long run is extremely high.

Honda Motorcycles recently launched one such motorcycle in Nigeria. Named the CG110, it was launched last week and the shocker is the price. The CG110 was launched at 100,000 naira, which translates to Rs. 38,895 INR.  This is lesser than the cost of an iPad air, and that was exactly what the Nigerian market needed. Unsurprisingly, the build quality of the bike too will be very good, and it will keep going on for years and years without any or very little maintenance.

The CG110 looks very rugged and the styling is like its taken straight out of the 80’s. It will be powered by a single cylinder 110cc unit, which is tuned more toward higher fuel efficiency and torque levels and not for higher BHP output.


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