Honda to launch a re-designed Honda City in China; names it Greiz!

In today’s scenario in the automotive industry, car manufacturers are looking for efficient and cost effective measures to launch new cars so that they can sell more, and this is applicable more to Asian markets than to European and American markets. Car manufacturers do not mind selling the same car in two different avatars, with just some aesthetic changes, as long as the profits stay within the company. Like, the Renault Duster is exactly the same as the Dacia Duster, and the Nissan Terrano is almost the same as the two, but they are happy even if these cars eat into each others’ sales, as long as the profit stays within the parent company’s group.


Honda will soon do something on similar lines, in the Chinese market. Honda has revealed images and specifications of the Greiz, which will be exclusive to the Chinese market. The Greiz is just a slightly redesigned version of the City.

The Honda Greiz is exactly the same as the City on the inside, and the only changes seem to be on the aesthetic aspect of the exteriors. The Honda Greiz will get aesthetic changes like, redesigned Font fascia, all-new Front Grille, redesigned Headlamp cluster with Projector headlamps and LED daytime running lights, redesigned LED Tail-lamps and a redesigned Tail-gate with integrated spoiler.


The All-black Interiors from the Honda City are carried over to the Greiz, complete with the touch-screen Infotainment system. The Honda Greiz will be powered by the exact same 1.5 liter i-Vtec petrol motor, currently doing duty in the Honda City, and transmission of the power to the wheels will be taken care of by a CVT Gearbox.

The Honda Greiz will be produced by Dongfeng-Honda, one of Honda’s Joint Ventures in China, and ironically, the Honda City in China is produced by another Joint Venture of Honda, Guangzhou-Honda. The Honda Greiz is expected to be priced at a slight premium over the Honda City.

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