Unusual music technique: Playing drumsticks on Honda Dio

The Honda Dio struck a chord with the Indian youth ever since it’s launch in 1998. The scooter has a massive fan following and increasing popularity here due to it’s sharp and edgy looks coupled with a smooth and reliable Honda engine. It is excelled in various purposes other than commuting like racing, adventure trips and even for stunts over the years.

There is another way in which the scooter excels add well is to create music. Strange but true! The Dio can be also used to create some music to keep us entertained. Sri Lankan artist Chamila Warha Jayalath has made his Dio as cool as a music instrument to create some music. He used this scooter for a purpose, which he calls, Experimental Sound Design.

What you can see in the video is the artist creating music from the scooter utilizing its footboard, brake levers, air-filter cover, engine note and some of his tool kits. The final product being an foot-tapping soundtrack, which has been edited and mixed using a software to make the soundtrack more appealing.

This soundtrack can inspire many scooter-riding youths to create something special using their respective scooters. At the moment, when we finish hearing the soundtrack, a Dio could be sold!, who knows?

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