Honda to recall more than 2 lakhs cars over Airbag safety issue

Safety is one of the important concerns of today`s buyer and equally important for the seller. To meet the safety concerns of the driver and passengers Honda Cars India Ltd. today announced to recall more than 2 lakh vehicles including 2009-2011 Jazz, 2007-2012 City, 2003-2012 Civic and 2004-2011 CR-V when they spotted a malfunction in the Takata airbag inflators. They found that the airbags exploded with too much force, which can tear loose metal parts and cause injury to vehicle occupants.


The replacement of the faulty units with the new ones will be done in phases starting from the 12th of October at various Honda dealerships. Needless to say that this replacement will be done free of cost. To ensure hassle free and smooth replacement of parts Honda has setup a link on their website wherein the owners of the respective Honda models can login and enter the 17 character Chassis number. Although, it is important to say that the number of Driver side airbags and Passenger side airbags to be replaced depends on the model and the year of manufacturing. The estimated number of vehicle affected by this recall is given below;

Model Year Of Manufacturing Driver Side Airbag Passenger Side Airbag
Brio 2011 to 2014 1040
Amaze 2011 to 2014 1235
CR-V 2003 to 2014 8,330 11,495
Civic 2003to 2012 54,288 40,083
Accord 2003 to 2007 10805 1075
Ciy 2007 to 2012 140508 2646
Jazz 2009 to 2011 15,707

Honda has expressed its sincere apologies for the inconvenience caused to its customers.


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