Hindustan Motors-Mitsubishi shelves out of the upcoming 2012 Indian Auto Expo


Hindustan Motors and Mitsubishi, the companies that inked a deal in 1998 to work in collaboration in India, have decided to give a miss to the 2012 Indian Auto Expo. It is believed that the joint venture has not been able to receive the much needed recognition in the Indian market and is on the edge of losing its presence completely in the country.

Factors like prolonged period of stagnant sales and absence of new products in store can be held responsible for keeping buyers at bay. In the scheme of things, Hindustan Motors as well as Mitsubishi have not come up with any strong contenders in the industry from a long time now.

Thus, burdened under the poor financial health, the company has been forced to stay away from the unprecedented platform. Moreover, the humongous exhibitor fee proves to be double whammy for HM-Mistubishi that is incurring heavy losses at this point of time.

If Editor Hormazd Sorabjee is to be believed, the launch of Mitsubishi Pajero Sport at the mega auto event that was on the cards till recently, will search for some other platform now. In addition, the Mitsubishi Mirage hatchback that was expected to unwrap itself during the Auto Expo, counting on which the company aimed to make a comeback in the Indian auto industry, will be absent.


Another product which carried high probability of being a part of the HM-Mitsubishi pavilion was the revived Ambassador. As a matter of fact, the Ambassador was seen as a vehicle that would have lived up to the expectations, betting on its latest retro design approach and a new common rail diesel engine.

The two aspects could have irrefutably infused much needed life to the Ambassador brand that even today stands among the most iconic cars ever offered to the automobile industry.

Of late, HM has also been carrying out tests on the Ambassador Compact sedan; the car that was likely a part of the company’s portfolio of products that were to be displayed at the 2012 Auto Expo.

It is important to note that among a host of products, which Hindustan Motors might reveal in 2012, is a passenger carrier version of the Ambassador. In addition, a passenger carrier variant of the HM-Shifeng Winner and CNG model of this Light Commercial Vehicle can be expected to break their cover next year.

Thus, Hindustan Motors-Mistubishi has to work to the best of their abilities in order to resurrect in the Indian market where car makers conjure products at the drop of a hat.


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