Hero MotoCorp to launch the Leap hybrid scooter by 2015

Automobile manufacturers across the world are looking for newer ways to make their products more environment friendly, and using hybrid technology has been proven as the best method to go green. The technology which was first introduced on cars, eventually filtered its way down to two-wheelers, and now Indian automobile manufacturers too are looking forward to introducing this technology in their products, and ahead of the pack in this game is, Hero MotoCorp.

hero-leap-hybrid-concept-scooter-front-viewHero Leap hybrid scooter – FrontView

The ‘Leap’ is a Hybrid scooter from Hero MotoCorp who had first displayed the concept at the 2012 Indian Auto Expo. At the 2014 Auto Expo too, Hero MotoCorp displayed the pre-production version of the Leap, and now it seems as if Hero is all set to launch the Leap by 2015.

The Leap is a series Hybrid scooter, so the drive at the rear wheel is provided by an electric motor which in turn is powered by Lithium-ion batteries. The Lithium-ion batteries can be recharged by plugging it into a 220V wall socket or while on the move too, by firing up the 125cc single cylinder petrol engine on-board the scooter. The petrol engine acts as a generator and charges up the batteries.

hero-leap-hybrid-concept-scooter-rear-viewHero Leap hybrid scooter – RearView

Hero claims that the Leap can travel a 100 kilometers on every liter of petrol in range extender mode and has equipped the leap with a tiny petrol tank with a capacity of only 3 liters, which is still good enough for around 300 kilometers of riding. The Leap is not just efficient, but it also performs pretty well and Hero has claimed a top speed of around 100 KMPH which is pretty decent for a scooter which returns 100 kilometers to the liter.

The styling on the Leap is futuristic and Funky at the same time. It has a robotic looking front end with the projector headlamps embedded in the slim front fascia. The Turn Indicators and tail-lamps are all LED’s and other major features include a Brembo disc brake to brake the front wheel.

hero-leap-hybrid-concept-scooter-side-viewHero Leap hybrid scooter – SideView

The Leap will be launched in the first quarter of 2015, making it the first Hybrid scooter in the country. But before it is launched in India, Hero has decided that it will be launched in other markets, where hybrid scooters are already accepted in order to get the feedback they need by comparing it with other hybrid scooters that already exist in those markets.

The only downside one can find to the Leap is that, it will cost a lot more than normal petrol powered scooters because of all the additional technology involved, which might repel a few consumers, but one can always hope for the best.

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