A helper balances Bajaj Pulsar on his head (Video)

The three qualities that we seek where excellence is concerned include precision, strength and balance. At times, you come across them in the situations that are the most unlikely. A recent incident reflected the same. Though the modern world is dependent on a number of automated machines and arms for handling the hard labor, in India it is not uncommon to come across incidents where laborers bear a burden that is hard to even imagine.

bajaj-pulsar-head-balanceA helper balances Bajaj Pulsar on his head

One such brave feat has been captured in a video. The video has been shot on one of the routes of Madhya Pradesh Roadways Transport Corporation. It shows a helper using only a rolled up cloth as a base to balance the bike, a Bajaj Pulsar that he is trying on mount on top of a bus. In some time, 4 more helpers come to help lift the bike. It appeared like a daily task for these men. One of the men scales up the single ladder quickly after whom the hardy helper climbs quite steadily up the ladder. Throughout this time, he has precariously perched and balanced the motorcycle on his head.

Two more helpers on the bus stop emerge to help the man and take the heavy load of his head just as he reached the top half of the ladder. At this point, the man climbs on top quite swiftly. He appeared quite decidedly involved in the process of placing the bike on top of the bus correctly. It is no easy task as you need to make some ingenious pattern of knots for properly securing the two wheeler.

All the while the people involved in safely lifting and keeping the Bajaj Pulsar on the bus roof were looking as if it’s a normal, daily affair (which it is for them). There is no reaction by anyone as the hardy helper climbs up the ladder with a 150 kg load on his head.

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