Google’s no steering wheel car (Video)

Google is one of the most famous and popular company across the globe. It has created a glowing brand name and image for itself in the international arena. Google is regarded as the technology titan. The company has been making so many technical advancements in computers and mobile phone market. And Google has now ventured into the automobile segment by creating a car that will not require a steering wheel. Keeping in line with its tradition of doing something new, unique, innovative and one of its kind, Google’s self-driving cars will eradicate the need of a manual driver. A lot of research has gone into making this project come true. Many trials and tests are going on to make the cars as perfect as possible.

Google-prototype-car-with-no-steering-wheelA very early version of Google’s prototype vehicle, and an artistic rendering of Google’s vehicle

The co-founder of Google, Sergey Brin, stated at a tech conference held in Southern California on Tuesday evening that the company will be making about 100 prototype of this self-driving cars. Thus, they will not be in need for a wheel, gas pedals or even brakes. In their place, the designers of the car have added buttons for go and stop. Along with the buttons, they have also incorporated a combination of computing power and sensors that will handle the driving from there.

As of now, the drive themselves cars by Google have been successful in driving for thousands of miles on public roads with Toyota Priuses and Lexus SUVs outfitted with specific and distinct equipment. This will be the first prototype that the company has produced for itself. As per the information available, the Google self-driving cars will not be available for sale. The company may not venture deep into the area of auto production. In a recently updated blog post, Google has laid special emphasis on partnering with other auto manufacturing companies.

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