GM India to launch Chevrolet Beat Manchester United edition next-month

GM India has lost a huge chunk of its customers, and is not doing very well. Let’s be honest about this, the Indian automobile industry is not seeing the best of its days right now and even though there are brands like Maruti Suzuki, Honda and Hyundai who are doing very well, brands like GM are among the brands bearing the effect of the slowdown. The brands which are doing well today are those whose cars are selling very well and for a car to sell well, the basic need is customer demand. GM India is facing this problem because of the lack of consumer demand for their products.

chevrolet-beat-manchester-united-edition-front-viewChevrolet Beat Manchester United edition – FrontView

All automobile manufacturers always resort to different methods of generating demand for a product, advertising being the major method of creating demand. Another technique used by the manufacturers is, launching special edition variants, these special edition variants are based on the current situation at hand, be it a festival or a sporting series or anniversary celebrations or just another special edition to improve sales.

GM India too plans to adopt a similar strategy in order to increase sales by launching the Chevrolet Beat Manchester United edition. Manchester United fans were in for a treat at the Auto Expo held earlier this year in Delhi when they looked at the Chevrolet stands, because Chevrolet had displayed the Manchester United editions of two of their cars, the Beat and the U-VA. these cars were a result of a T-shirt sponsorship deal between General motors and Manchester united, which was signed in 2012 and is effective from the EPL (English Premier league) 2014-15 season.

chevrolet-beat-manchester-united-edition-side-viewChevrolet Beat Manchester United edition – SideView

Now, in order to increase sales and to attract Manchester united fans, Chevrolet has decided to put the Beat Manchester United edition into production. The MAN-U edition will carry a host of aesthetic changes when compared to the standard car. It includes a redesigned front bumper, a matte black roof paint-job and a sporty spoiler too. It also sports attractive graphics all over the car with huge Manchester United logos on the hood, on the sides above the rear wheel arches and on the inside, the logo is also stitched onto the seats. This special edition package will be available both with petrol and diesel variants of the Beat and there will be no mechanical changes to the car.

The Manchester United edition of the Chevrolet Beat is expected to be launched in June this year and will be an ideal car for the Man-U fans looking forward to purchase their first car.

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