Garage – Hashim’s CBZ X-treme

CBZ X-treme

Date of acquired – Dec 2009
Efficiency – 44.77kmpl
Distance covered – 19,951km
COSTS – -Nil-
For – Performance, punchy engine, comfort.
Drawbacks – Hard gearshifts, vibrations, squeaky rear suspension.


It has been a year since I’m using the Hero Honda CBZ X-treme as my long term bike. It is an excellent power commuter for lot of reasons. The Honda Unicorn derived engine is smooth and very punchy, plus the bike’s excellent suspension makes sure that you go for a long ride. The only problem that I have been facing regularly is with gearshifts which continue to remain hard even after repeated complaints during the routine services. This can sometimes become annoying when shifting gears frequently in city traffic. The bike has been serviced five times so far. The last time I had given the bike for servicing, there were some niggles which needed to be sorted out. For instance, there was a pronounced squeaking sound from the suspension whenever hit some rough roads and potholes. The clutch too needed an adjustment. Sadly, the squeaks were not fixed and the clutch was not serviced when the bike came back to me. However, the bike’s fuel efficiency improved slightly after the third service as to earlier and it is now delivering around 40 kmpl in city traffic. I hope this time when I give the bike for servicing these problems will be sorted out. Overall, I am pleased with the CBZ X-treme because it serves my purpose perfectly. Though the CBZ X-treme has been with me for more than year now, the company it seems isn’t willing to replace it with the new ZMR, sending us a renewed insurance instead.


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