Ford to Phase Out Ikon Soon

Ford-Ikon-2000 model

In a shocking disclosure, Ford India did not sell any Ikon’s in January this year. Under the marketing fundamentals for a product, there are four phases in its life. The first is the introduction or the launching, second is the growth phase, with third counted as a maturity phase and the final being decline. Every product goes through these four phases and it’s a reality that could not be ruled out.

In the same context, another product that once enjoyed a great stint of success in the Indian automobile market seems to have reached its decline stage. It’s none other than Ford Ikon that’s ready to call it quits in India. Yes, you have read that absolutely correct; Ford has decided to phase out its Ikon in India soon.

Since Ford has its plans cut out for Indian automobile market and with efforts already being made by the company to reach much larger global platform, it was the dwindling number of sales for Ikon that has been dilly-dallying Ford to reach out on its target.

Providing you first-hand information, much to the surprise of all, Ford’s Ikon had no takers in January, 2011 and that was more than a signal for the auto major to send Ikon packing.

Ford Figo’s continued winning streak has been another reason for Ikon to get sidelined as far as the sales was concerned, and competition from Accent, Verna, City, Aveo, Vento, Swift Dzire, and Ford Fiesta was another reason for Ikon’s browbeaten sales graph.

Finding itself in a tough situation and getting competition from other models and its own family members, phasing out the Ikon was always a wise deal before it was too late for the company to recover even the input and production costs for the Ikons produced so far.

Well, it’s now all over for the Ikon and we may not see the model anymore. Nevertheless, Ford India has got an extensive plan to launch 8 new models by mid-decade. As far as the owners of Ikons are concerned, they don’t have to lose their hearts as the company is determined to provide spare parts and servicing for the outgoing model forever.

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Ford Ikon Ford Ikon Flair FORD-IKON-1.6-SXI-NXT New Ford Ikon