Ford EcoSport Storm, Beauty, Beast concepts showcased at Sao Paulo

Ford Brazil has now showcased 3 customized versions of Ford EcoSport at the ongoing 2014 Sao Paulo Motor Show. By this showcasing, Ford proves that its EcoSport can also be customized in different ways which some of the existing customers would think of undergoing. The 3 customized version of Ford EcoSport showcased are Ford EcoSport Storm, Ford EcoSport Beast and Ford EcoSport Beauty.

1.  Ford EcoSport Storm:

Ford-EcoSport-Strom-Concept-at-the-2014-Sao-Paulo-Motor-ShowFord EcoSport Storm is inspired by the F150 Raptor.

The Storm concept features plastic body cladding, blue storm exterior paint, Raptor inspired grille, black graphics, plastic body cladding, secondary air dam, silver skid plate and 15 inch alloy wheel equipped with high profile 215/75off road tyres. The EcoSport Storm concept is inspired by the F150 Raptor pickup truck, “portraying power and strength”.

2.  Ford EcoSport Beast:

Ford-EcoSport-Beast-Concept-at-the-2014-Sao-Paulo-Motor-ShowFord-EcoSport-Beast-Concept-at-the-2014-Sao-Paulo-Motor-ShowFord EcoSport Beast comes with a bonnet scoop and LED foglight clusters.

The Beast concept features revised side skirts, ram air hood, pearlescent speed white exterior with contrast decals and accents in black, orange and blue, bike rack replacing the rear seat, LED fog lamps, 18 inch alloy wheel and a bonnet scoop.

3.  Ford EcoSport Beauty:

Ford-EcoSport-Beauty-Concept-at-the-2014-Sao-Paulo-Motor-ShowFord EcoSport Beauty gets black roof and 18-inch alloy wheels.

The Beauty concept features black roof, stylish LED DRL’s, Copper Stardust metallic paint, hexagonal secondary air dam, side body decals, 18 inch alloy wheels, GPS navigation, rear seat entertainment system and four individual seats giving an crossover look.

Please write in your views in the comment section about which of these above customized version would you prefer, if you would be customizing your EcoSport.

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Ford-EcoSport-Strom-Concept-at-the-2014-Sao-Paulo-Motor-Show-press-image     Ford-EcoSport-Beast-Concept-at-the-2014-Sao-Paulo-Motor-Show-press-image     Ford-EcoSport-Beauty-Concept-at-the-2014-Sao-Paulo-Motor-Show-press-image