Ford Car Sharing Programme to be experimented in India

Ford India has announced Smart Mobility Plan at the ongoing 2015 Consumer Electronics Show (CES) to enhance connectivity, mobility, customer experience and development of autonomous vehicles which is actually a part of its 25 such global mobility experiments by the car maker. Countries were this experiment will be conducted will include North America, Europe, Asia, Africa and South America. Out of the 25 experiments, 8 would be conducted in North America, 9 in Africa and Europe, 7 in Asia and 1 in South America.

ford-car-share-experiment-indiaThe Ford Share-Car India experiment looks at using 1 vehicle among multiple drivers.

Among these 25 experiments, the ‘Share-Car India’ program will be conducted in Bengaluru which would allow small groups of apartment dwellers, co-workers and small families to share a single vehicle among multiple drivers with an aim to actually help the consumers in the Indian market who cannot actually afford to own a car. In order to test this new concept, Ford is believed to be working with Zoomcar, the self-drive car rental company in the city of Bengaluru. Ford’s ‘Share-Car India’ program would actually reduce traffic in turn reducing pollution caused by number of vehicles in the Indian market.

ford-share-car-experiment-indiaThe Share-Car program looks at managing ownership costs as well as vehicle scheduling.

Ford India states that the experiments being conducted today will lead to a whole new model of transportation and mobility that will be adopted in the next 10 years restricting personal mobility in urban areas. Ford already having vehicles which are capable of applying emergency brakes, self-parking and gauging speed is also believed to be working on its own technologies for driverless vehicles. Also in order to develop the driverless vehicle, Ford Fusion Hybrid research vehicle is already undergoing road testing which makes use of 4 LiDAR sensors to generate a real time 3D map of the vicinity.

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